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Key Work Health & Safety Statistics 2019 White Paper [Latest Data]


Safe Work Australia has released the latest WHS findings on work-related injuries, fatalities & disease for 2019.

With significant investment and awareness in workplace health and safety over the past year, find out which industries saw the benefit of reduced injuries and fatalities, and which ranked as the most dangerous places to work in Australia.

Focussing on the effects of falling objects, we deep dive into the data to see what impacts tool tethering strategies are having on national fatality and serious injury rates.

With the continued absence in 2019 of any focussed national legislation on tool tethering, this data plays an important role in helping major projects decide how they are going to approach safe works at height.

We hope you find this report insightful and challenge yourself to be a part of the solution in reducing these figures in 2020.

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