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You are forward thinking. You are strategic. You are not interested in the bare minimum when it comes to implementing safety procedures, instead adopting class-leading strategies to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. You are a leader of the modern workforce.

Target: Zero Drops is your strategic partner to assist you in delivering your goals. A true 360º solution, Target: Zero Drops delivers a range of modular solutions, allowing you to achieve best-in-class results for working safely with tools at height. The comprehensive suite is built on the foundation of a true partnership, delivering ongoing support and real-time results, ensuring you deliver on your safety and efficiency targets. 

Meet Paul Weatherson

Hit by a spanner weighing less than 1kg, from a distance of 5 metres, Paul Weatherson suffered extensive neck injuries. Despite surgery, he is now living with a grip strength of 2kg - not enough to do up the button on a pair of jeans, or open a can of beer. 

Paul is our Target: Zero Drops ambassador, and is available to conduct a hard-hitting awareness session with an inspirational and sobering account of his life before and after the dropped-tool incident. 

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The great news for WHS in Australia is that, overall, incidents of worker fatalities and incident rates (resulting in claims of 1 or more weeks off work) are on a downward trend. The concern for industries who operate at height, is that fatalities and incident rates involving dropped objects have spiked to their highest levels in the past 4 years. 

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Build Your Own Successful Strategy

Target: Zero Drops is a 360-degree commitment to safety, through the emphasis placed on culture and education. We know that it is simply not enough to identify the equipment required and have it on-hand for workers operating at height. A deeper level of understanding and acceptance is required from the end-user, to ensure that best practices are employed when working at height, and the impact of a dropped tool is nullified at the very start of any possible incident, instead of relying on the secondary measures (drop-zones, catchment nets etc.).

By targeting the weak spots in a dropped-tool prevention strategy, Target: Zero Drops allows the company or project leader to bring about meaningful change to on-site safety procedures at any stage of the project lifecycle. 

Module 1

Site & Processes Audit

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Our team will travel to your project site to observe systems and processes involving all works being undertaken at height.

Identify hazards on-site 
Assess risks in current safety systems & protocols 
Consult with workers & management 
Present findings & solutions blueprint 


Module 2

Awareness & Culture

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Accelerate uptake and invest in future efficiencies. This module will compel your workforce to be part of the solution, by demonstrating and engaging in the results of a dropped object incident. 

⌁ Dropped object awareness session 
⌁ Keynote address by a dropped object victim 
⌁ Live dropped object demonstration 


Module 3

Certified Training

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Simply supplying the equipment to your worksite is only half the job done. Our certified trainers deliver a course that produces experts in working safely at height with tools, educating on best-practices for a wide range of industrial applications, tools and equipment.

Covers broad range of industries and applications 

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Module 4


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Regular engagement and repetition of messaging is critical to awareness and adoption of safety procedures. This module provides a multi-channel stockpile of content, that can be branded to your specifications ,and delivered to your workforce on-site, via email and anywhere in-between.

⌁ On-site communications pack 
⌁ Digital communications pack  
⌁ Induction video from victim of a dropped object incident 


Module 5

Ongoing Results Management

With your safety procedures and awareness initiatives in place, it's important to have a systematic approach in monitoring uptake and effect against your KPI's. A steady stream of post-implementation analytics will drive your efficiency and worksite safety goals.

⌁ Post implementation audit & review ⌁
⌁ Refresher courses ⌁

⌁ ESAT survey ⌁

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"To effectively lower these rates of worker fatalities and incidents, there must be a considered approach to the key drivers of these statistics. With dropped objects placing consistently in the top 3 to 4 causes of workplace fatalities and incidents, the opportunity is there to create immediate and very real change to the national average." - Rick Sali

Rick Salisbury GRIPPS Senior Consultant


Serious injuries in Australia due to Dropped Objects in 2017

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